Thursday, August 28, 2008

Recurring Characters

I suspect that Paco is going to be one of them. Tuesday he was looking up the word “variable” in his science textbook glossary but was soon reciting the definition to the word next to it: vagina. He asks me, “How do you say in English?” so I tell him. My thought has always been that if I don’t make a big deal out of it, neither will they. I’m usually wrong.

He became fascinated with the word, repeating it over and over like a toddler who learns to make a new sound. The problem is that for some crazy reason, between his accent and the expression on his face, it makes me laugh. Yesterday, if there was a quiet moment in class, he’d just say “vagina,” and everybody would start laughing. He was absent today, and I kind of missed the little guy.

By the way, those appliances they put on showerheads in places like these so you can shower with warm water, the kind I just yesterday got installed in my shower to replace the broken one that was here when I came, may just be the greatest invention in the history of great inventions. Just saying.

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Chris said...

Poco sounds like a rabble rouser. Leave him to me...