Thursday, August 14, 2008

Game On!

Tomorrow, after months of preparation, I finally move to Honduras. To my surprise, I’m not nervous or scared at all, but only full of hope and excitement for what lies ahead. With visiting people, saying good-bye to San Miguel, and getting rid of most of my things, it has been a full but wonderful summer.

To give you an idea, here’s a short list of just some of the things I gave away, threw away, or recycled: a bag full of dead batteries, the Complete Works of Shakespeare (unopened since college), my 8th grade yearbook, 3 half-used sample sized tubes of toothpaste, the remains of years of unused Christmas cards, a dress made of material with the faces of the bishops of northern Ghana, four nearly empty jars of salsa, a strawberry-scented Care Bear, copies of old resumes, an empty roll of packing tape, photo negatives from a trip to Italy, the collection of CDs from my Harry Connick Jr. phase, a fanny pack, shoes one size too small, a windup Gorilla toy, a bottle of ibuprofen that expired in 2004, a Jesus action figure, a shelf full of empty shoeboxes, several medals from high school Speech tournaments, cards received for my second grade First Communion service, lots of Tupperware with no matching pieces, and a pile of coupons for discount tattoos.

It is good to simplify.


Amy said...

I wanted the tattoo coupons, Karla. And your 8th grade yearbook. :-)

Derek & Ade said...

I am still jealous I didn't get the Jesus action figure!!!

Have a great time, we will miss you!!!

Ellen said...

Are you sure you're not going to need all those half used tubes of tooth paste? I hear in honduras they are like money!

I hope your doing great and getting settled.

Love Ellen and Pam

Chris said...

The only thing that falls under the recycle catagory was batteries, right?

How do you recycle Harry Connick Jr.?