Saturday, August 16, 2008

The job

Today we had a 9:00 am meeting with the school's principal, Evelyn, so she could tell us more about our jobs. Pretty early on, she turned to me and said, "You are Karla, yes?" I nodded. Then she just grinned and said, "You will be very, very busy."

Turns out "very, very busy" means 9 classes a day: English literature, English writing, and science (!) for grades 7-9. The day runs from 7:00-2:30, I have no prep periods, and while there is a 30 minute recess, there is no time built in for lunch. I was assured it gets worked in somehow, and I'm sure it all will work out fine, but it'll be a trip to see how it all happens.


Derek & Ade said...

Wow! Nine classes with no preps, well I know you can take it on and succeed, even with science!

I am currently going through you US History class materials that I will be teaching. They are amazing, I will be following your Unit 1 plan- it is so well put together.

You are truly an amazingly gifted teacher and person!!

Chris said...

Sounds like a sinch compared to good old Miss-asip!

Only kidding! Good luck bud, you're gonna need it!