Monday, November 24, 2008

A Few Student Pictures

Here are my 9th grade girls. Last Wednesday Honduras played Mexico in a World Cup qualifier, which meant that students were out of uniform. When the kindergarten teacher was painting the Honduran flag on her students' faces, my students saw and insisted that we all get it done too.

Here's the 8th grade class. All of it. They can be a bit mischievous but are incredibly sweet and funny and want to learn. No matter how crazy my day gets, I can count on them to be a breath of fresh air.

And here's a few snapshots of the seventh graders. They made cell models (just like I did in 7th grade with Mrs. Sunquist!) and then went to teach the 4th graders about cells. I'm not sure either group learned anything, but they had fun.


Larry said...

Great to see your smiling face!
I'll be visiting San Miguel this Wednesday. I can't believe I've been gone nearly a year.
Have a beautiful Advent!

Pam Juve said...

Karla - We can't wait to see you when you are home for Christmas. We could make healthy cake and start a puzzle, or not... Hike you back to an obscure location in the woods and kidnap you like we should have done in the first place.

Ellen had cookie baking with her sister, Mom and aunt today, so we're taste testing everything! It's not so healthy, which is what you want in Christmas cookies. Poor Ellen decided to use light butter and low-fat peanut butter in my favorites, I don't have the heart to tell her they are now less than delicious, so, keep it to yourself. It's great to see you in the pictures...Hurry home.